A Treatment That Women Should Consider

I have always appreciated doctors who can think out of the box and use new techniques to improve people's lives. Dr Sherif Wakil lived up to my expectations. Through oshot I was able to solve my problem with "lichen sclerosus" and all this with a precise person, passionately concerned, and ready to answer any of my questions. The treatment was fast, non-invasive and without creating discomfort. Thank you very much Dr Sherif Wakil for bringing this treatment to the UK.

Women Should Try this Treatment

Although hesitant at first, I found this treatment to be very important in solving all the craving problems I had. Through a non-invasive procedure I managed to feel like a woman again in a couple of weeks. I recommend this treatment to all women with sexual dysfunction problems and who are no longer able to experience what they would like.

Incontinence Is No More a Problem

I had for a long-time vaginal laxity and incontinence due to stress. I have tried to solve such problems in the past but the only real solution I found was the Oshot technique practiced by Dr. Sherif Wakil. Thanks to this I was able to reduce vaginal laxity, incontinence problems and also to improve my sexual pleasure.

Intimate Life Matters

Vaginal dryness and pain during sexual intercourse have always been present in the last 5 years and have influenced many decisions. To try to solve, a friend recommended me the Oshot practiced by Dr. Sherif Wakil. Although initially skeptical I must admit that such treatment solved all my problems and allowed me to start my life again.

The Only Way to Solve my Problem

I had the Lichen Sclerosus per some time and to solve this problem I tried several treatments all results without great effects. When I tested the Oshot, I saw instead a huge change that was able over time to solve an important but many times hidden problem that is the Lichen Sclerosus.

20min to Solve all my Problems

I had been suffering from pain during sexual intercourse and extreme vaginal dryness for 12 years. Through my doctor I tried different treatments (laser, radiofrequency) but without any success. When I took the path of Oshot thanks to Dr. Sherif Wakil, my problems were solved in a short time making me a real woman again.

I Regained Confidence in MySelf

I discovered Dr SW Clinics after a series of online searches to try to resolve my hypersensitivity in the vaginal area that prevented me from having sexual intercourses. Following the treatment, the results were incredible: my sensitivity problem disappeared, I managed to have greater orgasms and above all I regained confidence in myself.