In this page you will see the feelings of people that have tried our treatment.

A Treatment I Would Advise to All Women

Fiona, Wales

“It has been over 2 months since I had the O-shot procedure performed by Dr Wakil. I have been very happy with the results of the procedure. It has made a significant difference to both my level, speed and frequency of sexual arousal to the extent that I feel aroused on most days and at several intervals throughout the day. More specifically it has improved both lubrication as well as the duration and intensity of my sexual arousal. Physically, I can feel that it has increased the number of sensitive zones in my vagina. The area between the clitorus and introitus has become significantly more sensitive as has the introitus itself. The size of the clitorus also feels to have increased. Additionally, I have been able to experience vaginal orgasm which I hadn’t achieved previously. Obviously I was a little apprehensive prior to arriving at the clinic and was unsure of what to expect and how I would feel. However, upon arrival my fears were quickly allayed and my experience throughout was very positive. I was greeted by Dr Wakil’s secretary in a very kind and easy manner. The informal atmosphere and warm manner of both Dr Wakil and his secretary quickly put me at ease. The facilities at and products available in the clinic were state-of-the-art. Dr Wakil is excited by and dedicated to his groundbreaking work. He challenges himself to be at the cutting edge of his profession which enables him to provide the highest standard of medical care to his patients. He is committed to the development of his field and pioneering work which means his patients receive the most up to date and effective treatments available. He is a thoroughly charming, talented and dynamic man.”

Simple, Not Invasive and Quick

Fabia Brackenbury, founder and president of Association of Lichen Sclerosus and Vulvar Health. UK

“It is now two weeks since I had the procedure with Dr Wakil, I have been very pleasantly surprised by the result, I felt that the treatment was very simple, was not very invasive at all, the results was seen very quickly, I am really very pleased and delighted to have this improvement in my own case (Lichen Sclerosus), I would like to thank Dr Sherif very much for bringing this treatment to the UK and for the change he is making in women’s lives.”

An Indescribable Pleasure

Jocelyn, UK

“Dr Sherif, as promised I writing to you about the O Shot feedback. Well now I really feel the difference. For the first time in my life I have intense pleasure and I discovered my G Spot this is a indescribable pleasure. +OMG this is a big success!!! I have the best sex I never had in my life!!”

I Felt a Real Woman Again

Karen, London

“I don’t know what I was worried about. The actual procedure took only five minutes (aside from the prep), and although I was expecting to feel pain and discomfort, in actual fact it felt like a gentle pinch, which surprised me because it was in a very sensitive part of the body. I didn’t feel any different but on the way home while I was on the train I experienced a terrible sneezing fit and couldn’t believe that I was still dry down below, and in fact I hadn’t embarrassed myself on a very busy train, as that definitely would have been the case before the O-Shot®. The next day I decided to go to the gym and for the first time in years I was able to do a full workout including a 20 minute run on the treadmill. I felt totally confident that I wasn’t going to have an accident. I will definitely be back to my zumba class. This weekend I am really looking forward to being able to go out and not have to excuse myself 20 times to go to the ladies and to be able to laugh in confidence again. Dr Sherif has really changed my life and there is no doubt about that, and if you are considering the O-Shot® be prepared to have control over your life again. It has been a very liberating experience. Also to my surprise three weeks after the O-Shot®, I experienced a sexual arousal, to the effect I would not normally have. I was pleased as I wasn’t expecting that to happen – it was an extra bonus to the treatment. I really wasn’t expecting that, it was a good because it made me feel more like a woman again.”

Lichen Sclerosus... No More a Problem After This Treatment

Julia, British Isles

“It is nearly 2 weeks since my O Shot procedure, for the first week I had bruising visible, but that has cleared and the skin is now healthy and pink. I have only looked a few times but each time I do I see further improvements. My whole vulva is plumper and the inner lips which had almost disappeared due to Lichen Sclerosus have now come back. The pains that I was getting all through each day as a constant reminder of the disease have reduced by at least 80 – 90%. I am absolutely delighted with the results so far and am so relieved that there is treatment out there for me should it get bad again. To have an illness with very little treatment available was so upsetting before. Thanks very much again Dr Sherif, the relief you can provide to ladies with Lichen Sclerosus is amazing.”